XCAM designs and manufactures specialist digital camera systems for science and industry.  XCAM couples a unique approach to systems design, with outstanding expertise in their field; this means that over the last few years they have built a worldwide reputation for being capable of designing and building the most scientifically challenging systems.  XCAM particularly specialises in building cameras that operate in extreme vacuum conditions that are ultra-clean.

XCAM cameras are used for many different applications including:

An XCAM camera will fly on the UK Space Agencies prototype UKube satellite, using a new type of British-made imaging sensor to take pictures of the earth.

XCAM camera systems enable space agencies around the world to conduct ground-based testing of the imaging sensors that they plan to send into space

Special triple camera systems designed and built by XCAM take unprecedented images of molecules like viruses and algae, at the brightest light sources in the world, like the DESY FLASH X-ray Free Electron Laser system.

A truly unique camera system designed and manufactured by XCAM was used by a UK university atmospheric science department to detect parts per trillion of volatile organic compounds in the earth’s atmosphere, looking to see how these components varied every 2 microseconds.

XCAM cameras monitor the spectra coming from fusion reactors, taking up to 200 extremely faint spectra per second to help scientists to understand this potential new source of energy for the world.

Developing and manufacturing such innovative cameras requires a team of highly skilled engineers working in the fields of mechanical, electronic and software engineering.

XCAM is part of the NETP; as such we have been impressed by the quality of engineering education that Northampton University supplies to their students. Being part of the NETP provides XCAM with the opportunity to communicate an employer's perspective of the key and ever-evolving requirements of a good engineering education, and also gives access to a pool of talented students who we can employ in the future, either as placement students or for permanent opportunities.

For more information please visit the XCAM website.

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