Jack Lee

The NETP programme was what separated the University of Northampton from the other Universities; it gives the chance to get some ‘real world’ experience within the engineering industry.

I was lucky enough to get a placement at Bearward Engineering which produces industrial radiators for different applications including oil rigs and server farms. While on my placement here I have experienced a multitude of areas of engineering.

My main project has been the design and development of a new process; I have had the chance to develop important skills for project management. Just to name a few that come under that are - time management, communication, organising and planning. Following this, because this process is in its initial development stage I have had to create and run a range of tests on the specialised equipment to ensure a repeatable and efficient process.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work on smaller side projects, which have led me to experience S.E.M analysis, the design of new equipment and the refurbishment of old.

I was initially concerned that placement would have an effect on my university work, but I have been fully supported through my exams by the Bearward team with time off for revision - with even them taking the time out to help with particularly tricky revision.

My 6 month placement at Bearward has been extended by another 6 months, and I’m quite excited to continue working at this placement. As a whole the NEPT programme has been a huge step in the decision of my career, as well as a help to me to take initial steps towards the first goals.

Thanks to Bearward and the NETP programme.

Jack Lee