Abdoul-Rasheed Okegan

Wykes Engineering Ltd Job Role: Design Engineer Intern

To be able to say that I have been part of a company such as Wykes has been a true honour.

With experience ranging in the majority of engineering disciplines including civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, there are plenty of things to learn at Wykes. Projects I have faced included both group work and individual work which required attention to detail on all levels. Meeting industry standards throughout was integral to daily procedures and as well as learning some standards at University, I have been exposed to many more professional standards at Wykes.

My experience at Wykes involved being a part of many projects  - one of which involved ensuring the moving parts of a screw were securely sealed without restricting the movement of the machine in question. This project required great attention to detail whilst following industry standards under a time constraint. The most challenging thing that I faced whilst there was the fact that the company is multi-disciplinary, meaning I had to come to terms with different areas of engineering. Based on this, it has been a journey filled with lessons which will remain with me for the rest of my career.  My time at Wykes has seen some successful projects and some not so successful but never the less, lessons were learned from all of them.

I am incredibly grateful to have spent 6 months learning and gaining experience in my chosen career path and I thoroughly look forward to the next step. To be able to combine theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge retrieved from industry is something that I will thank the NETP for. To offer students a placement alongside their studies is invaluable and I recognise that it is very attractive to future employers. To anybody who is considering the university, I would strongly recommend it based on the NETP. This is also one of a number of reasons why I chose to study at the University of Northampton.

To conclude, my experience at Wykes has seen me apply theoretical knowledge into practice and enabled me to learn more about Design Engineering. My interest in Design Engineering has grown vastly due to this internship and I am looking forward to my next adventure.

Abdoul-Rasheed Okegan