Ali Hassan

Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan is a second year BSc Engineering student who is currently undertaking a Northants Engineering Training Partnership (NETP) work placement.
Theory differs from practice a lot. It is hard for any undergraduate to cope with the practical environment easily unless they have had some sort of preparation. The placement opportunity has greatly assisted me with the understanding of the 'real world'.
The placement enabled me to experience how a successful manufacturing company works and the main procedures which support this success. In particular the role of standards like quality, which is a very important factor for a business to succeed. I feel it will definitely provide me with a competitive advantage and will help ensure my future career.
An important benefit is the contacts I have made during the placement. Knowing more people in the work environment has given me the chance to absorb a wide range of experience, which has greatly improved my understanding.
Working with hugely skilled engineers and qualified people has given me the confidence to push forward in my future career.