Maria Steffy

Maria Steffy
What's the word used when we want to express our full heartfelt gratitude towards an opportunity and experience provided by NETP? Whatever it is I need to put it to my vocabulary. I would like to say how proud I am to be a part of the NETP and The University of Northampton Engineering department. The 6 months placement I was offered at Bearward Engineering by the NETP has made it my second home now especially after my home country (India) official visit.
Being on placement it was pretty amazing that the company took me over to India on a business trip. This definitely is a golden milestone in my career path. I consider those 10 days as the most career experienced time in my life so far. My role was to generate some drawings, to explain the welding procedures we use at Bearwards for Sudhir Gensets, a company in India, for them to be able to start a new production line.
It is incomplete if I do not mention the part that Tricia Goodchild (The Placement Manager) played in my achievement. She has been of great help to me right from the initial interviews to building confidence and encouraging me to go forward on all opportunities at University as well as at work. She has been really wonderful.
I appreciate the work NETP has put into my placement at Bearward where I learn and would love to carry out my Research Thesis project in my final year of practical engineering mode. I am sure that these days are the most exciting learning experience which was made available only through my placement.
So Thanks, that's the word I was trying to remember. Maria Steffy Yr 3 Engineering Student