Lewis Kidson

Placement Company: DAJO Solutions Ltd

As my placement year at DAJO Solutions progresses into its last few months, I can truly appreciate what an opportunity it’s been to work with such an innovative and inspiring company.

DAJO Solutions specialise in automation solutions, which has allowed me to experience work in an industry that spans across multiple engineering disciplines including electrical, electronic, systems and software engineering. During the time I’ve spent at DAJO, I’ve developed my programming skills through learning to use platforms such as CODESYS and Galileo, as well as further developed my understanding of control systems and electrical engineering by ‘hands-on’ experience in tasks and projects.

To have experienced and been involved in the ‘real-world’ industrial application of control systems has built upon and reinforced the academic understanding gained at university. I’ve worked with experienced engineers, and have used specialist software and hardware to design and implement industrial automation solutions. All of which has contributed to the development of my engineering technical knowledge, because of the wealth of technical resource I’ve been provided at the company. I’ve even had the opportunity to visit a client’s site, to review my own work and see how it performs and interacts with a system during operation. The software I contributed to this project has since been featured in the released product, a factor that has built significant confidence in my own capabilities.

I’ve experienced working in a team on multiple projects with other colleagues, which has progressed my communication skills to a professional standard to a point where I work can confidently work as an effective team member. As my ability has grown with the company, I have been trusted to work independently, where I’ve been largely responsible for the development of projects for clients of DAJO, developing my critical thinking ability and overall personal effectiveness as a result.

My experience at DAJO has been invaluable to me and has formed a part of the foundation of my engineering career. It has been a pleasure to work with the company and has undoubtedly benefitted my personal and professional development.

Lewis Kidson

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering.